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Culture Junction Podcast

Join host Ryan Grimshaw on the Culture Junction podcast as we explore the intersection of brand and culture in today's fast-paced world.


Through conversations with change agents, leaders, and visionaries, we uncover insights for building resilient brands in an era of constant change.

Learn, laugh, and discover how to create brands that truly represent ourselves, our teams, and our customers.


Ryan Grimshaw

Brand & Culture Strategy Consultant

Hi, I'm Ryan.


I'm the founder of Cest Pamplemousse, the brand and culture consultancy for culture-first businesses.

I've over 15 years experience in brand, marketing and communications helping businesses shape positioning, create internal and external value, and build meaningful brands from the inside-out.

I've been fortunate to hold senior and strategic leadership positions, worked globally, and launched an agency with two co-founders collaborating with 100+ brands - from startups and SaaS, to SMEs and larger corporates.


I'm a multi-disciplined professional helping entrepreneurs, senior teams and founders bridge the gap between brand and culture.


I create strategies to define your unique business value, provide that competitive advantage, and create unity and affinity to power productivity and success.



Struggling to define your brand identity, maintain consistent messaging, and align your culture with your brand reputation? 


We work with startups, SMEs and established businesses to unite brand and culture for stronger impact and better business outcomes.

Brand Strategy | Brand Identity | Culture Design

Brand Strategy

Crafting a clear and cohesive brand identity and messaging framework

Internal Culture

Building a strong internal culture that reflects and supports your brand values

Brand Experience Enhancement

Aligning customer interactions with your brand promise for a consistent experience

Brand Story &
Narrative Theory

Developing brand stories that resonate with and engage your target audience


Because the best business decision is to future-proof your company

Unite and codify your brand, culture and strategy

Strong brands underpinned by strong cultures have double the effectiveness advantage

Want your business to thrive? As business leaders we have the opportunity to find a healthy balance between clear strategy, strong brand, and a flourishing culture.

I do this by taking a complete view of the company, working with leadership and senior teams to become the architects of brand and culture; to make sense of it, manage it, and shape it.

I leave clients with peace of mind that your employees are clear on mission and vision, teams are living the company values, and your brand shines through meaningful, impactful storytelling and positioning.

In McKinsey's 2023 State of Organisations research, 20% of more than 2,500 people polled said they were concerned about the lack of community in their organisations, and among the top reasons employees gave for leaving a job were that they did not feel they were truly valued and appreciated, and they didn't feel a sense of belonging.


"Ryan has been in every way a huge support for our team. A diligent professional with bags of enthusiasm and experience to match and in every way reliable. Ryan comes equipped with thought-provoking ideas and is a whiz on all things culture alignment and brand engagement. 

Isabella Pearson

Partnerships Lead

"Ryan is a thoroughly engaging and multi-talented professional who gives you confidence from the very first conversation that he has grasped the key issues and will deliver the appropriate solution. I have the highest respect for his professional talents and for his relationship management skills."

Adrian Slater

Partnerships Director

"Ryan is an exceptional brand and marketing expert, and I am truly fortunate to have collaborated with him. His skills left a lasting impact on our success. I wholeheartedly endorse Ryan for anyone seeking a results-driven, creative and strategic professional in the field of brand management and marketing."

Scott Mackenzie

Commercial Director

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