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The Cest Pamplemousse Methodology

Segment Analysis
Comprehensive Diagnostic

Gain a deep understanding of your business, brand, and culture with our in-depth diagnostic report.

Juicy Integration
Strategy & Alignment Workshops

Co-create a cohesive strategy that aligns your business goals, brand identity, and internal culture.

Cultural Cultivation
Building a Flourishing Internal Culture

Embed the desired culture within your business, ensuring it supports and enhances your brand.

Experience Elevation
Enhancing Brand Touch Points

Create a consistent and engaging brand experience across all customer interactions.

Narrative Mastery
Crafting Compelling Brand Stories​

Develop and communicate powerful brand stories that resonate with your target audience.

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Brand Begins Within

We're firm believers in the heartbeat of brand. It all starts from within. A shiny logo, some inspirational messages on a wall, and a couple of adjectives on a page won't cut it. From your core values that guide your decision-making, to the stories that shape your narrative, your brand essence is born at the very core of your organisation.

Culture Shapes Brand

Your brand is only as strong as your culture. What you say needs to be matched by the collective behaviours, attitudes, shared rituals and traditions of your people - every day. Your culture defines how your brand is perceived and experienced.

There's No Shortcut to Authenticity

Real connections with your audience and stakeholders aren't built on flashy ads or empty promises. They're achieved through consistent actions, genuine communication, and unwavering commitment to your brand values.

The Whole

Inspired Teams Make For Innovative Business

We believe that teams who have a shared goal and vision, who understand the part they play, and who contribute and collaborate, means everyone wins individually and collectively. Sharing perspectives, encouraging open dialogue, and embracing experimentation is better than a lone genius.

Requires Empathy

Empathy is the secret sauce of business success. Understanding your team's needs and putting yourself in your customer's shoes builds trust and loyalty that lasts a lifetime. We believe in taking a customer-centric approach; laying the groundwork for long-term relationships and loyalty.

Championing Diversity
and Inclusion

No tick box exercise. No quota to fill. We believe businesses thrive with diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences; creating a stronger, more resilient organisation that better reflects and serves your community.

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We believe in a holistic, inside-out approach to brand consultancy.  Our Eat the Whole Grapefruit methodology sees that your business strategy, culture, and brand are perfectly aligned, just like the juicy segments of a grapefruit. Ready to be squeezed for maximum impact!

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